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E-commerce websites are found everywhere in today’s web and remain one of the top ways to enhance consumer interaction. This great feature doesn’t come without problems. Despite the ease of online shopping, e-commerce cart abandonment rates hover around 95-96%. Sometimes customers simply change their minds (we can’t really do anything about that), but more often than not customers are led around in circles by poorly-designed e-commerce websites that confuse and frustrate them.

So what distinguishes a great ecommerce web design from the ones that leave the customer unwilling to buy? We’re sure you’ve experienced a poorly-designed ecommerce website. Just when you think you’re ready to buy, the cart clears spontaneously, or the checkout button doesn’t work. The products lack descriptions and the prices change when you try to buy. Regardless of the industry, when you experience frustrations such as these, you immediately stop buying and find another source of product.

VAmedia Box comprehends the shifting needs of online shoppers and renders exceptional solutions that enable your business to stay ahead the curve.

The speed of a business is solely decided by its consumers itself. With the technological advancement, the expectations of consumers are also surging. The e-commerce industry has witnessed an exponential growth over the past decade. Numerous B2C portals have cropped up in the marketplace in past few years. An average online shopper is not concerned about the products and a service, what concerns him is an exceptional shopping experience. They constantly look for new and innovative ways to shop. Seamless customer service and unparalleled customer satisfaction are the call of the hour.

Challenges & Opportunities

Sales Endeavor: The online space is advantageous as compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, with the ability to cater to a divergent target audience, minus the convolutions. Technology empowers you to develop a centralized system that is customized to cater varied demographics.

Consolidated Processes: Elevated performance of your B2C services means sound bottom line and improved annuity. E-commerce businesses that seek technological tools to streamline their business workflow render better customer service and thus promote brand loyalty.

Sell Across Multiple Platforms: Owing to technological advancements, buyers are no more relying on physical stores or HTML websites to make their purchases. Tech-savvy consumers are now utilizing web-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, to research and purchase products.

Catering Digital Marketplace: Ecommerce and B2C websites are perfect instanced to exemplify the importance of digital marketing and SEO best practices. Websites having the right keyword density enjoy higher rankings on search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing. Regularly monitoring the online performance of your brand is essential, especially when marketing is trending at such a rapid pace.

How VAmedia Box Delivers Business Value

VAmedia Box renders B2C solutions that allow your business to directly cater to consumers without the involvement of a middle man. This lowers the operational costs while elevating the revenue generation for your business model. With our well-researched and strategically developed B2C e-commerce solutions, you perceive a better understanding of your consumers, by interacting with them directly.

Informed Decisions: Our B2C solutions enable organizations to perceive better understanding of the consumer processes, enabling them to make improved and informed decisions that play a pivotal role in increasing their profit margin.

Information Exchange: B2C ecommerce solutions rendered by VAmedia Box enable businesses to exchange real time information and data with interested consumers. These solutions also offer better process management for effective and better communication and collaboration between retailers and consumers.

Reduced Costs: Our expert developers conceive B2C solutions that reduce the overall operational costs resulting in increased inventory turnover. The cost of administering is also reduced as orders are placed and tracked electronically.

Monitor Inventories: Deploying the solutions developed by VAmedia Box aid in effective monitoring of inventory status, ensuring that orders are placed for the right quantities.

Increased Efficiency: B2C solutions offered by VAmedia Box empower organizations to cut down on manual errors conducted while tracking and recording processes and data.


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